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ANNXIN Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereafter ANNXIN) was established in June 2007, has been for 10 years so far. ANNXIN focus on the manufacturing and R&D RF antenna(UHF/VHF antenna, DVB-T antenna, TV antenna,433Mhz antenna,868Mhz antenna,915Mhz antenna, WIFI antenna, GSM ANTENNA,3G 4G antenna, LTE Antenna, GPS antenna, GPS&GLONASS Antenna, GPS&GSM antenna, Shark fin antenna,5G antenna ,5.8G antenna, Fiberglass outdoor antenna embedded PCB antenna and so on), Coaxial connector(SMA/SMB/SSMB/MCX/MMCX/N/TNC/BNC/FME/F/IPEX/U.FL/MHF and so on), coaxial cable assemblies or other cable assemblies(OEM).ANNXIN has 8 departments which are  Business Department, Engineering Department, Production Department, Quality Department, Purchasing Department, Personnel Department, Finance Department, Warehousing Department.

  • The Business department is to follow up the order and pre-sale, sale, after-sales service for domestic and foreign guests,. In the same time they need to develop new clients from all over the world and do exhibitions oversea.
  • The Engineering Department is mainly responsible for sample proofing, processing and solve the technical problems in the production process to ensure the normal production. In the same time they do R&D for new OEM antennas, connectors& cables as well as client’s new projects.
  • The Production department is mainly responsible for accurately grasp of the production tasks, reasonable arrangements for the purchase of raw materials, storage, use, and to ensure that the orders can be finished smoothly, and strive to achieve the lowest inventory cost.
  • The Quality Department is mainly responsible for IQC, IPQC, and OQC.
  • The Purchasing Department is mainly responsible for the purchasing of the needed materials and ensures the lead time to be fulfilled with the production arrangements.
  • The Personnel Department is mainly for HR.
  • The finance department is mainly responsible for the company’s daily capital management, control the cost of the company, to eliminate the waste. …

  • The warehousing department is mainly responsible for the daily management of the company’s warehouses, while coordinating and cooperating with relevant departments to ensure the effective implementation of production tasks.


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