F Male 50 Ohm Crimp Connector for Cable Types RG58

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Impedance 50 ohms
Frequency Range DC to 2 GHz
Voltage Rating 500 Volts Peak
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 1000 Volts RMS
Insertion Loss
.20 dB Max.

Body Nickel Plated Brass
Contact Gold Plated Brass
Insulator TFE
Ferrule Nickel Plated Brass
Cable Attachment Hex Braid Crimp
Center Conductor Attachment Solder
Cable Retention 30 lbs. Pull
Mating Torque 15 inch pounds Maximum
Temperature -67°F to 185°F (-55°C to 85° C)
RoHS Compliant Yes
Corrosion MIL-Std. 202 Method 101 (Test Condition B)
Temperature Cycling MIL-Std. 202 Method 102 (Test Condition C)
Altitude MIL-Std. 202 Method 105 (Test Condition C)
Vibration MIL-Std. 202 Method 204 (Test Condition D)
Moisture Resistance MIL-Std. 202 Method 106 (Test Condition B)

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